Mea Culpa, With a C

Mon, 17 Mar 2003 19:21:39 -0800


1) no, silly girl.  tongue in cheek, as it were.

2) what list do you think would be the RIGHT list to send it to?

3) did you want to be a signatory?


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Er.  Geege.   Did that um... go to the wrong list?

I mena, I know your LaRue got it, but er... Was that FoRK-ready?  John
might get turned on... ;)
g> I live in a city with a large naval base, heretofore referred to as
g> I'd like to take a moment to ask forgiveness from all those whom I've
g> promised blow jobs (et al).  Now, most likely, what with the war and all,
g> won't get around to it.

g> Blame Bush,
g> Geege

Best regards,