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Mon, 17 Mar 2003 20:14:58 -0500 (EST)

Bill Humphries thought you would be interested in this article.

London Review of Books, cover date 6 March 2003

Casuistries of Peace and War

Perry Anderson on the assumptions the Bush Administration and its critics share

Bill Humphries's comments: Found this on Doc Searle's weblog:

This article addresses the weaknesses in the mainstream of the arguments against the war, and raises a much more interesting and troubling set of questions.

He thinks that Bush will be able to pull Iraq off without backlash, but the liberation of Badghad will not address several things which the writer finds hypocritical in the current order. 

Bonus points for the use of 'mewling'.

"Mewling about Blair's folly or Bush's crudity, is merely saving the furniture. Arguments about the impending war would do better to focus on the entire prior structure of the special treatment accorded to Iraq by the United Nations, rather than wrangle over the secondary issue of whether to continue strangling the country slowly or to put it out of its misery quickly."

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