Re[2]: This Is The Way The World Ends (Scenario Planning)

James Rogers
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:27:55 -0800

> I get so sick of the general misunderstanding that seems to=20
> come over people in general when it comes to Turkey.  This=20
> isn't directed at you specifically, James, but just the=20
> general disregard to look back a few years and figure out=20
> what was going on.  Kurdish examples are even
> more recent -- going as far as the early 1990s.   The fact that we're
> just uniformly putting our heads in the sand about a country=20
> which IMHO, is as bad as the folks in Al'Qaeda, is just=20
> insulting to history, and to the millions of people who lived=20
> through the repeated crap that Turkey has unleashed on its 'enemies'.

I am quite aware of Turkey's sordid history in the region, and am =
under no illusions that Turkey is all sweetness and light.  That region =
been a problem almost continuously since pre-history.  The problem is =
everyone in that region behaves badly on a semi-regular basis; who's =
on whom just changes with time.  Most of the Turks I know acknowledge =
My history of that region is admittedly limited and I take the =
information I
get from any single source with a grain of salt.

>From various sources I've been triangulating I am getting the distinct
impression that something interesting is being worked out behind the =
between the various parties in that region.  I don't really have a good =
of what is going on other than that there seems to be a lot of parties =
the table that you wouldn't normally expect to see together at the =
I'm hopeful that a workable long-term solution will come out of this, =
I'm probably being optimistic.  It does seem that the US is at least
attempting to make an effort at long-term resolution in the aftermath of
Saddam's Iraq.


-James Rogers