Bebergian Scenario

Jeff Bone
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 12:01:29 -0600

On Tuesday, Mar 18, 2003, at 11:52 US/Central, Russell Turpin wrote:

> Adam Beberg:
>> In 36 hours (what time is it?) the US will drop a bomb on one of the 
>> mobile biolabs - that the US is targeting - and will release a bio 
>> WMD or 2 or 5 - that the US sold to Iraq in the first place. Within a 
>> year 0.5B to 1.5B will be dead globably, the rest is irrelivant ..
> A bioweapon wouldn't do that. That's not even
> a worst-case scenario for SARS (which I still
> think is a kick-ass flu). That kind of Bebergian
> scenario requires something like escalation
> to nuclear exchange between the major nations.

Thinking back to exchanges past when I and others on this list have 
accused Beberg of being Chicken Little...

The unnerving thing isn't about how, in the past, he's got the details 
wrong, it's how often he's been even a little bit right.

I doubt the "War Plague" scenario starts like he proposes.  But there's 
no fault in bringing it up.

Having said that...  "Beberg, you ignorant slut..." ;-)