See men shredded, then say you don't back war

Bill Stoddard
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 13:12:34 -0500

> War Crimes Tribunal? Didn't the US opt out of that - again the new world 
> order - one rule for non-US backed tyrants, a different one for 
> US-backed ones.

Given the irrational anti americanism rampant in the world today, why do 
you think the US would choose differently?  According to many on this 
list, the world is out for american blood and their going to get it one 
way or the other.  This is not far off the sterotypical Mississippi 
sheriff deputy pulling over the yankee driver in his BMW:

John Law: "Hey boy, you got a busted tail light"
Yankee: "What do you mean officer, it looks fine to me"

<JL pulls out his nite stick and breaks the tail light>

JL: "Boy, you in a heap -o- trouble. Gonna have to haul your ass down to 
the kangaroo court. You yankees better learn respect for authoriti ifn 
you knows whats good fer ya. Gonna put you in the pokey with Jake, he'll 
loosen ya up boy."

Thanks but no thanks.