Optimistic Scenario

James Rogers jamesr@best.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:27:53 -0800

From: Jeff Bone
> Let's set the record straight.  For all that he is a nasty piece of=20
> work, Saddam Hussein and his regime are not radical Islamists.  The=20
> regime is secular, and they are viewed as moderates --- even infidels=20
> --- by truly radical Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda.

Correct.  I don't think anyone disputes this.  The association between
Islamic extremists and the Baath regime is essentially business-like and
pragmatic.  There is no love between these groups, but they have more
pressing issues.  Coopetition and all that.

> The idea that this war has anything at all to do with a true "war on=20
> terrorism" is ridiculous in the extreme.

For all the imagination you apply to other scenarios, you don't think =
hard about the nature of the relationship between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

Saddam Hussein sells or gives WMDs (along with other weaponry) to Al =
and a bunch of other unsavory characters and has for at least a decade.  =
Qaeda is just one of many groups that Saddam Hussein has been providing
material to.  Saddam clearly sees doing this as an avenue for waging a =
war.  The US and and a few other countries have been covertly =
these weapons and materials.  The US DoD is intensely interested in =
down the WMD SuperMart, particularly as his capabilities continue to =
more advanced.

If he'd kept his WMDs inside his own borders and kept to himself, we =
have ignored him like everyone else.  Saddam Hussein being an Evil =
just provides the pretext to solve this problem without delving into the
covert side of things.

-James Rogers