Any forkers in New Hampshire?
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 15:39:12 -0500

Hello Joseph,

Tuesday, March 18, 2003, 3:10:17 PM, you wrote:

JSBI> I'm considering a move there sometime in the next year...

JSBI> - Joe

Egads why?  :)

I mean, NH is nice and all, but let me tell you, you'll get sick and
stir crazy if you don't deal with snow well.  Thats _all_ it did this

80 freakin inches or so of the white stuff, which progressively turned
to mushy, icey, road bucking stuff that sucks.

And then there's the unberable August, and a state that knows no such
concept as AC.

Positive notes to the state:  Its pretty.  Very very pretty. Lots of
neato, open land area to go puttzing around in.  The drives are
spectacular.   The people are super friendly, and generally speaking,
its smog-free.  Concord (where I live) is sorta this cross-blend
between a fledgling town and a real city.   Unfortunately (and this is
endemic for the entire state) they assume everyone is over the age of
80, and thus 6pm is 'late' for them.  The street literally rolls up in
some places, and cops give you funny looks if you're out and about.

If you're interested in being close to things, move to Nashua.
That's where another FoRKer lives, and he's about an hour shy of Boston.
(BOSTON IS NEAT).   The Southern region is less nasty weather wise,
but it still snows in buckets.

If you're in any way fond of diversity, or have grown up in a liberal
climate, prepare to be shell-shocked.  I literally thought I entered a
foreign country when I got here.  There are a lot of folks who are
_very VERY_ set in their ways, and heavy-duty libertarian-style
Republican.  This is kinda neat for me, as I like some of the
policies, but the ardent and oftentimes blind support of Bush that is
damn-near Statewide makes one a little sick to the stomach.   Oh yes,
and the population is like 98% white.  Prepare to divest yourself of
any hope of good sushi, mexican, Indian, middle eastern or chinese.  I've seen some
moderately ok places (Concord has a decent sushi joint)  and the
American style and Italian style cuisine is AMAZING.  But for anything
shy of ribs or pasta, you gotta hit the states with real culture.

Lessie, a few other things you should be made aware of:
NH still kinda sorta honors Sunday Blue laws.  Not all places, and its
not terribly enforced, but you _notice_ it.

NH has state-run liquor stores.  On the side of the freeway.  On both
sides.  Its comical.

NH has next to no traffic on its major arteries (which is a pleasant
change from the bumper-to-bumper traffic of SoCal).  Unfortunately,
they also did away with lights and callboxes.  And in some parts you
have to really watch out for the ice on the roads.

The Political scene is amazing here.  People are involved, in all
parts of the process.  I think my view is exaggerated beause I live in
the Capitol, but its vibrant here.   I like the fact that the State
House (the oldest building where the Representatives still meet, in
the nation) is literally 4 blocks away.  Its a kick.  And, unlike
California, its accessible.

NH is a very gun-loving state.  I appreciate this.  In many respects,
its also very hands-off.  We don't have income or sales taxes here.
Government seems to respect many parts of the individual liberties
that I know _I_ hold dear.   Its a nice change.

Quite literally, to get anywhere outside of the very next adjoining
city, it takes 30-40 minutes.  Its just sorta the way it is.

Oh yea, and you can find a nice piece of property for cheap -- but
you'll eat it in property taxes if you're not careful.  I rent, so I
don't have that burden.  The apartment i'm in is 3x the size of my
place in California, and I pay _less_.  This makes me happy.

Hrm.  I'm running out of things to say.  Must get back to the reason
I'm here -- Law school!

Best regards,