My Big Fat French Weekend

Jeff Bone
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 14:52:55 -0600

(Listening to yet another anti-French screed on AM radio, grr...)

So this coming weekend, I'm going to stage a little two-person 
anti-anti-French protest of sorts.  I'm going take my girlfriend eat at 
Chez Nous here in Austin.  I'm going to borrow my buddy's Citroen to 
drive us there in Francophile style.  I'm going to get dressed to the 
nines in a nice French silk shirt.  (Might have to wear Italian 
shoes...)  I'm going to get tanked on Coudelet de' Beaucastel then load 
up on salad Lyonnaise, boeuf bourguignonne, pommes dauphine, and creme 
brulee, some expensive champagne.  Then we're going rent Jean de 
Flourette and a few other French classics, go home and watch 'em.  Then 
we're gonna do some "freedom kissin'".

I for one admire Chirac for standing on his principles on this one.  
Being a friend and ally doesn't mean you've got to agree to everything 
--- particularly when it's as ridiculous as the case we made for this 
conflict.  All this anti-French crap --- I swear, I think the O'Reilly 
Factor crowd is more steamed at France than at the Ba'aths in Iraq --- 
is just completely childish nonsense.

I wish somebody would file a class-action suit against every 
Congressman involved in the whole "freedom fries" debacle for wasting 
our time and money.  And somebody should give Tina Fey a gold medal for 
penning the whole "in other news, in France American cheese is now 
referred to as 'idiot cheese'" line for SNL last weekend.