Any forkers in New Hampshire?

Morbus Iff
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 15:58:53 -0500

 >Egads why?  :)

Myself, I prefer NH, but my "life" is relatively abnormal - downright 
hermity, if you ask me. I don't vote, I don't go outside (like, uh,
to walk to work sure, but rarely else), and I don't read the paper or
listen to the news. So, if you're asking about political climate
or how many lawyers per square feet, or any of that "things to
look for when I move", then I ain't the mojo for you.

 >I mean, NH is nice and all, but let me tell you, you'll get sick and
 >stir crazy if you don't deal with snow well.  Thats _all_ it did this

I love a good nature beating. Having a snowstorm which turns to slate and 
freezing rain one week, and then 70 degree weather the next is pretty damn 
cool. We got wacky weather up here. A plus for me.

 >And then there's the unberable August,
 >and a state that knows no such concept as AC.

Giving into nature suxors. I use rotary fans.

 >Concord (where I live)...

And where I live as well. To highlight my hermity, BB and I live one block 
away from each other. I walk by her house every day on my way to/fro work. 
I've never talked to her, nor seen her (well, unless you call that time I 
walked by a restaurant window on my way to get CD-Rs, but fly-by-glimpsings 
shouldn't count).

 >80, and thus 6pm is 'late' for them.  The street literally rolls up in
 >some places, and cops give you funny looks if you're out and about.

This, heh, heh, is actually true. My GF remarks about this alot.

 >and the population is like 98% white.
 >Prepare to divest yourself of any hope of
 >good sushi, mexican, Indian, middle eastern
 >or chinese.

Also true. Yeah, I eat out an awful lot. Cooking suxors.

 >moderately ok places (Concord has a decent sushi joint)  and the
 >American style and Italian style cuisine is AMAZING.  But for anything
 >shy of ribs or pasta, you gotta hit the states with real culture.

Unless you like fish. We've got good fish up here.

 >NH has state-run liquor stores.  On the side
 >of the freeway.  On both sides.  Its comical.

You know, I never knew if that was normal or not, but
knowing that (presumably) it isn't, that makes me happier.

 >don't have that burden.  The apartment i'm in is 3x the size of my
 >place in California, and I pay _less_.  This makes me happy.

Indeed. I've got the second floor of a house, with a screened in porch, and 
full use of the attic. All utilities, including cable are included, and I 
pay $800, going up to $825 in May.

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