[purported presidential IQ ranking; Dubya dead last] Re: True???

Joseph S Barrera III joe@barrera.org
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 14:03:05 -0800

Rohit Khare wrote:
>> 098 .. George Bush (R)
>> 091 .. George W. Bush (R)

These are *awfully* low IQs.
Unbelievably so.

>> The study determined the following IQs of each president as
>> accurate to within five percentage points:

Also, I very much doubt that accuracy would be measured
in percent of a standard deviation. I'm no statistician
but I would expect accuracy to be measured as within
a given number of IQ points, with some fixed degree of
confidence (e.g. 90% confidence of being within 3 IQ points).

- Joe