My Big Fat French Weekend

Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:29:46 -0500 (EST)

I agree with you that the whole jumping on the antifrench bandwagon the
legislature did is criminaly an abuse of power. We are paying these folks
to come up with this shiz?

This is another case of the Federal Government taking on a power that is
righrfully the peoples. I say we should tell the Feds "hey, fuck off, we
can hate the french ourselves, we dont need you spedning a few million
dollars in time, paper, and bullshit deals just so you can look good in a
sound byte. Belive us, youdont look good at all on this issue."

We the people are the true power when it comes to showing the french what
a nation full of stinky chese eating hiary armpit kissing jerry lewis
loving aholes they are. We the people are the ones who have the right to
toss a inedible laof of bread at some barret where mime and yell "Dont fly
over this motherfucka" and they make the DX sign over our crotches.

Lets not stand by as the bloated arms of Big Goverment take over anothr
one of our precious rights.

As for Jack ChezIraq...F him and all his bullshit ebay sueing, net
censoring, bad diplomatic, vichy water swilling capitulating supporters.