Any forkers in New Hampshire?

Hokkun Pang
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 22:26:46 -0800

You may want to live north of Boston and commute to work in NH. This way
you'll avoid the traffic and still be close to civilization in the weekend.
Housing in north of Boston isn't expensive comparing to California.

If you think Pittsburgh is bad, you may want to come visit for a week before
you decide. If you do want to visit, do it soon so that you have a first
hand snow experience.

I've known people living in NH who typically spend their weekends in the
mountains, in Montreal or in Boston.

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> wrote:
> > Egads why?  :)
> I may be joining a small company where a friend works.
> Plus see reasons (supplied by you) below...
> Plus California looks like it's in for some rough times ahead.
> > I mean, NH is nice and all, but let me tell you, you'll get sick
> > and stir crazy if you don't deal with snow well.  Thats _all_ it
> > did this year.
> We lived in Pittsburgh PA for several years and thrived.
> > Positive notes to the state:  Its pretty.  Very very pretty. Lots
> > of neato, open land area to go puttzing around in.  The drives are
> > spectacular.   The people are super friendly, and generally
> > speaking, its smog-free.
> These are also the reasons we're thinking of moving.
> > Concord (where I live) is sorta this cross-blend between a
> > fledgling town and a real city. Unfortunately (and this is endemic
> > for the entire state) they assume everyone is over the age of 80,
> > and thus 6pm is 'late' for them.  The street literally rolls up in
> > some places, and cops give you funny looks if you're out and
> > about.
> That's okay, we're in family mode (two kids, 10 and 11)
> and despite living 20 minutes from San Francisco, never
> seem to make it up there for anything fun.
> > If you're interested in being close to things, move to Nashua.
> > That's where another FoRKer lives, and he's about an hour shy of
> > Boston. (BOSTON IS NEAT).   The Southern region is less nasty
> > weather wise, but it still snows in buckets.
> Yeah, we'd probably be looking somewhere between Nashua and Salem
> and Manchester; no further north than Concord.
> > If you're in any way fond of diversity, or have grown up in a
> > liberal climate, prepare to be shell-shocked.  I literally thought
> I am, and have, and am.
> > Italian style cuisine is AMAZING.  But for anything shy of ribs or
> > pasta, you gotta hit the states with real culture.
> Well, again, Boston is close...
> > Lessie, a few other things you should be made aware of: NH still
> > kinda sorta honors Sunday Blue laws.  Not all places, and its not
> > terribly enforced, but you _notice_ it.
> Got used to those when in Pittsburgh.
> > Oh yea, and you can find a nice piece of property for cheap -- but
> > you'll eat it in property taxes if you're not careful.
> Yeah, Juliet's been looking at properties, and has noticed a large
> variation in property taxes for the same price range house.
> Is that because local property taxes differ a lot?
> - Joe