Optimistic Scenario

Bill Kearney wkearney99@hotmail.com
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 12:51:52 -0500

> From: Owen Byrne <owen@permafrost.net>
> Subject: Re: Optimistic Scenario

> Bulgaria and Romania look more your speed - they were nice and compliant
> under both the USSR and the Nazis.

Ah right, like the French.  Yeah, maybe they're not such good allies after all,

> My optimistic scenario - and I think its already begun - is the world
> will say "No thanks."

But of course that 'world' will continue to engage in significant economic trade
with the US while doing so.  And how will that be any different than it is now?
Oh right, righteous indignation and sabre rattling!  Gotta make sure they win
their local elections in their increasingly less democractic EU countries.

Once again, the US does the thankless dirty work that the Europeans won't.

> Just to make sure the rest of the world gets the message. No democracy
> for you! Next time you will take the bribes.

Or follow along with the other countries and their generous offers.  Oh wait,
there /were/ no other offers.  And meanwhile their governments will give you the
big 'get stuffed' approach when you talk about joining their EU.

-Bill Kearney