Fork FoRK, creating SPoRK?

Wed, 19 Mar 2003 13:59:11 -0500 (EST)

SOme more tine ideas for the splitup

PORK- Politicalfreinds Of Rohit Khare

STORK - Sexual Talkingfreinds Of Rohit Khare

MORK - Merrymakingfriends of Rohit Khare

BORK - Bearlyunderstandablefriends Of Rohit Khare

DORK - Dofusfriends Of Rohit Khare

CORK - Cullinaryfreinds Of Rohit Khare



YORK - YoungfriendsOf Rohit Khare

WORK - Wellplacedfriends Of Rohit Khare

Now the real question, whos going to admin and moderate these all:)-