War, war! Cool! Huh huh!

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 07:17:13 -0800

"Dr. Robert Harley" wrote:
> Guess the hawks can all get their rocks off now.
> "Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators."
> - Adolf Hitler, Koenigsberg, 25th March 1938 (shortly after Anschluss)
> R

They had some anti-war coverage here last
week where they interviewed some of the protestors. 
The older lady kept latching onto the fact that
she didn't think there was any connection between
Iraq and Al Qaeda, therefore the US was attacking
the wrong target in response for 9/11.   I think what they
say about the American public is true, while we may
be able to fight two wars in two different theaters,
the average American can only keep one thought
in their head at a time.   

My understanding about the action against Iraq isn't
retribution for 9/11, but about preventing 9/11 from becoming
a common occurrence.  This was based on improved intelligence
after 9/11, weapons inspections up until 1998, a congressional
resolution passed at that time, the tens of millions of
pages of information collected after the 1st gulf war
outlining Iraq's stockpile, arsenal, and combat procedures,
and the Iraqi military leadership's apparent willingness to
use them.

The link that everyone finds so frail is the analysis.  Since
the 1998 weapons inspections ended, larger, more numerous, and
more deadly terrorist incidents have been on the rise all
over the world.  When Bush first announced this war against
terrorism, it was against all terrorism, not just Al Qaeda
for a single act.    

There's two ways for world peace, peace through power, or 
peace through appeasement.  The problem with the second is that
there really is no appeasing a terrorist who wants the first.