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Gregory Alan Bolcer
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 07:35:16 -0800

In more of the FoRK tradition (according to
Beberg), here's a more traditional tech
post reminiscent of the tech bubble of past.
Go on Adam sing it, "Happy days are here again...."

Endeavors signs up one of the largest Citrix
resellers in the UK and Ireland at a time when
Citrix is struggling with refreshing their product
and trying to garner new sales.[1]  Our Appx
stuff fills a large gap in their lineup for
scalability, security, management, and usability.
In fact, for a complicated app one server can scale 
to 10,000 users instead of the 20 or so per server, 
but what's worse, if you tried to get a user to
work exclusively using something like Autocad
over Citrix--they'd quit and get another job. 
Ah, the power of decentralization.   

This story was covered in everything from the FT to
Computing UK. [2]

Full text is here [3]



[2] Computing UK - Centia to Lead Endeavors Technology's UK Sales Drive for its Server-to-Desktop Applications
On-Demand Delivery Product 


                      Centia to Lead
                      Technology's UK
                      Sales Drive for its
                      Delivery Product

                      The leading
                      knowledge provider
                      becomes Endeavors'
                      premier UK
                      business channel for

                      Cambridge (UK) and Newbury
                      (UK), March 18, 2003: In a
                      move to accelerate enterprise
                      deployment of its server-desktop
                      applications on-demand delivery
                      product, Magi Applications
                      Express, Endeavors Technology
                      today announces the appointment
                      of Centia as its lead distributor
                      for the UK and Ireland. 

                      Centia is one of the UK's leading
                      applications deployment
                      solutions specialist and
                      knowledge distributor for
                      emerging technologies and one of
                      Citrix's leading European
                      distributors. Endeavors
                      Technology is a leading
                      developer of Web-enabling
                      solutions for enterprise network
                      infrastructures and a
                      wholly-owned subsidiary of
                      Tadpole Technology plc

                      Under terms of the agreement,
                      Centia will leverage its extensive
                      distribution channels for
                      server-based computing products
                      to drive business opportunities
                      for Endeavors' Magi Application
                      Express solution. 

                      As one of Citrix's leading
                      distributors in Europe, Centia is
                      well-equipped to deploy
                      Endeavors' Magi Application
                      Express product into the
                      enterprise and service provider
                      markets. Centia's customers
                      already appreciate the
                      competitive edge that
                      server-based computing and the
                      desktop Web-enablement of
                      applications can bring in terms of
                      enterprise productivity gains and
                      bottom line savings. Service
                      providers also recognise these
                      solutions as generators of new
                      revenue streams. 

                      Endeavors' partnership with
                      Centia is indicative of the
                      company's business strategy of
                      selling into markets via a select,
                      market-wise group of resellers
                      and distributors. The partnership
                      is also indicative of Centia's
                      forward product and marketing
                      strategy to securely Web-enable
                      the delivery of applications from
                      servers to desktops at anytime,
                      from anywhere. As part of the
                      agreement, Centia will train and
                      prepare its reseller partners to
                      successfully market and sell
                      Magi Application Express in the
                      shortest timeframe. In addition,
                      Centia will provide pre- and
                      post-sales technical support to its
                      network of resellers. 

                      Magi Application Express
                      enables enterprises to stream
                      on-demand any Windows-based
                      application, including such rich
                      applications as CAD/CAM or
                      mapping and design, from central
                      servers to enterprise desktops and
                      laptops in a matter of seconds. It
                      enables IT managers to maintain
                      currency in applications used at
                      the client level, eliminates the
                      need to regularly deploy security
                      software patches and updates
                      across network devices, and helps
                      them to tightly manage licensing
                      agreements with Microsoft and
                      other software vendors. 

                      While enterprises will enjoy cost
                      benefits from using Magi
                      Application Express to provision
                      and deploy applications on
                      demand through their
                      organisations, software vendors
                      who spend large sums of money
                      distributing software or trial
                      software by shipping CDs in
                      large numbers can take advantage
                      of this technology to deliver
                      software in seconds to people and
                      control the software from a
                      portal. The advantages of this
                      method are huge savings in the
                      cost of CDs, rapid delivery of
                      applications to prospects and
                      customers and a central tracking
                      and anti-piracy mechanism for
                      monitoring the use of their

                      The adoption of .NET's XML
                      tools and interfaces in Magi
                      Application Express further
                      enhances the business value of
                      Endeavors' product and enables
                      Microsoft-centric enterprises to
                      connect and interoperate their
                      Web-based capability and
                      services across platforms,
                      programming languages, and

                      "Centia has a proven distribution
                      channel to market server-based
                      computing solutions to the UK's
                      leading resellers," said Bernard
                      Hulme, chairman and CEO of
                      Endeavors Technology. "With its
                      expertise in the Citrix
                      marketplace, its track record of
                      embracing emerging technology
                      solutions and its network of top
                      resellers, Centia is perfectly
                      positioned to realise Endeavors'
                      UK business targets for Magi
                      Application Express." 

                      Yuri Pasea, joint managing
                      director of Centia, adds: "Magi
                      Application Express is a
                      cutting-edge on demand
                      applications delivery solution,
                      and complements our existing
                      server-based offerings. Market
                      studies have highlighted this
                      product as the golden opportunity
                      for our reseller bases, and
                      demand from our customers is
                      already significant. We very
                      much look forward to bringing
                      this solution to our customers and
                      prospects in the UK. 


                      More on Magi Application
                      Deployment of desktop software
                      from central servers, including
                      regular security patches and
                      updates, is a costly business.
                      Analysts estimate that most large
                      enterprises spend millions to
                      deploy and manage simple
                      desktop applications like
                      Microsoft Office at the client
                      level. The cost escalates for
                      power users of rich, large
                      applications like CAD solutions.
                      Endeavors' Magi Application
                      Express virtually eliminates this
                      needless overhead by streaming
                      applications on-demand from
                      servers to desktops, preventing
                      piracy and providing an audit
                      trail. Gartner coins this
                      technology as ODADS (on
                      demand application delivery
                      systems) for the enterprise. By
                      streaming applications and
                      managing them as a service to the
                      desktop, enterprises can slash the
                      total cost of owning applications,
                      and better manage software
                      licensing costs. 

                      About Centia
                      Centia (formerly FutureLink
                      Europe) was the founder behind
                      the "knowledge distribution"
                      model, born from a notable focus
                      on emerging technologies.
                      Turning technology into unique
                      solution sets fully supported by
                      training, consultancy and support
                      skills - knowledge distribution's
                      raison d'etre was, and still is, to
                      promote new business success for
                      reseller partners through

                      Centia has consistently received
                      Citrix's Leading International
                      Distributor Award, Leading UK
                      CALC (Citrix Authorised
                      Learning Centre) Award, and
                      achieved the highest Citrix sales
                      outside the US. The range of
                      services Centia provides includes
                      consultancy, training and
                      maintenance - spanning
                      everything from initial
                      feasibility and design consultancy
                      through to project
                      implementation and post-sales
                      support. For further information,
                      please visit: 

                      About Endeavors Technology,
                      Endeavors Technology, Inc. is a
                      wholly-owned subsidiary of
                      mobile computing and network
                      infrastructure vendor Tadpole
                      Technology plc (LSE-TAD,
            , which has
                      plants and offices in Irvine and
                      Carlsbad (California), and
                      Cambridge, Edinburgh, and
                      Bristol (UK). Endeavors' Magi
                      technology transforms today's
                      Web into a highly secure inter-
                      and intra-enterprise
                      collaboration network of files
                      and Web resources. For further
                      information on Endeavors' Web
                      collaboration solutions, call
                      949-833-2800, email to
            , or visit the
                      company's website

                      Copyright 2002 Endeavors
                      Technology, Inc. Magi, Magi
                      Secure IM and Magi Enterprise
                      are registered trademarks of
                      Endeavors Technology. Citrix®,
                      MetaFrame®, NFuse® and Citrix
                      Authorized Learning CenterTM
                      are registered trademarks of
                      Citrix Systems, Inc. in the US
                      and other countries All other
                      products and services mentioned
                      in this document are trademarks
                      of their respective companies 

                      For further information, please

                      Hugh Paterson, Tel: +44 20 7987
                      Patcom Media Relations

                      All trademarks used in this
                      press release are the property
                      of their respective owners.