[SPORK] Loving The Troops

kelley kelley@interpactinc.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 14:35:53 -0500

At 06:40 PM 3/20/03 +0000, Russell Turpin wrote:

>Kelley <kelley@interpactinc.com>:
>>it is truly absurd to think these kids are signing up to kill and be killed.
>I respect the choice to enter the military, but
>this whole notion that recruits have no idea
>what it's about is a hill of beans.

_I_ didn't say that. I pointed out just a few of the things that militate 
(urg) against their identification with military service as killing and 
being killed. They're signing up for an assload of other things, often at 
an age where death isn't seriously real to them and in a culture, to boot.

as I said on an earlier thread, they should be held accountable for their 
actions, but to chalk it up to a desire to kill and be killed is absurd.