have you had time to educate yourself ??

Bill Stoddard bill@wstoddard.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 15:48:30 -0500

Bart Hristova wrote:
> Hi bill,
> on 12/9/01 you reply was probably emotional towards chomsky analysis, 
> what do you think now, 18 months later.?

Hello Bart,
You are right, it was an emotional response, but my opinions have not 
changed much.  I can now easily pick posts more deserving of the 
'religion of politics' brand.

There is a lot to agree with in Chomsky's analysis, but I reject the 
platform from which he is making his argument. For him, 9/11 and what is 
happening now is a pretext for advancing an agenda that I am 
fundamentally opposed to.

Morality is not relative.  Islamists fanatics are not "freedom fighters" 
(at least not with any definition of 'freedom' that I would agree with). 
  A sizeable number of Palestinians want to see the Isralie state and 
all of its Jewish inhabitants destroyed and dead respectively.

Saddam is a bad guy. He has killed 10,000's of people, including 
children in front of their parents. According to Saddam, over 1,000,000 
Iraqi's have died over the past 10 to 12 years as a direct result of the 
embargo.  Should an embargo have continued? Should the embargo be 
lifted? Lifting the embargo would give Saddam free reign to continue to 
molest his neighbors and the world. Nothing good could come from that.

Some have said that 500,000 people will die in the invasion.  Lets 
assume that's true (I doubt the number but for now lets assume it is 
true).  Also let's assume that Saddams' number of 1,000,000 is true and 
that the rate is constant over the past 12 years (and that that rate 
would continue for the next 12 years). The conclusion, leaving Saddam in 
power for another 12 years would result in 500,000 -more- deaths than 
the deaths incurred by an allid invasion.

Okay, time for a silly, mindless partisian knee-jerk analysis that is 
100% in the spirit of the other silly mindless partisian knee-jerk 
analysis that has been posted to fork recently:

"If you are against the Iraq way, you are actively supporting the deaths 
of 500,000 additional people in 12 years.  The leaders of Germany and 
France are stupid and short sited. They are blood thirsty. They don't 
understand the consequences of their actions.  They don't care about 
people, they are only pursuing their own interests. The sum of Schroder 
(sp?) and Chirac's IQ is less that 90. Their policy is poorly planned. 
No, it was not planned at all. Their policy is mindless. Same goes for 
their lackeys around them. yadda yadda yadda..."

If the coalition can get rid of this guy with minimal civ casualties, 
then WTF is the problem? Iraqis are better off, the victums of Saddams 
sadism are avenged and the world is better off. Take the gift and be 
grateful. Course we don't know if that's going to happen, but here's to 


P.S. FWIW, I don't believe any of those things in the quoted segment 
above. But it is not far in spirit from the other crap I've seen posted 
on this list recently.