[SPORK] Re: WP: Actually, Bushies are bullies at home, too

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:29:27 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Bill Stoddard wrote:

--]Q. Is Bush being bought off by 'big evil corporations' or not? This
--]article suggests not. Which is it?

The Bush family IS a big corporation. They come from oil and will go to
oil, the political stuff is the side project, not the other way around.

Come on folks, this is 101 level stuff.

--]Q. Is Bush a puppet of the Christian Coalition and Jerry Falwell? This
--]article suggests not. Which is it?

Bush, sr and jr, have religious ties. So did many many presidents. Pat
Robinson and Jalwell and that ilk have become a loby group just like any
copr or concern. At this point it really doesnt matter so much the
relgious bent of the Pres rather the preasure of the Loby group. If the
pres is so bent to be atuned to the loby group, then the preasure will
need not be so heavy.

But even someone like LIeberman will be swayed by the
OnwardChristanSolders loby regardless of his bent, its all about power
perceptions and preasure.

So in effect the Pres is in the pocket of any group who pays/preasures the

Lobocracy...its a pay to play society from the bottom on up and back