[SPORK] Was Colonialism good or bad for the world? (was: Q: Was British rule bad or good for India? and before that: The rhetoric of liberation...)

Justin Mason jm@jmason.org
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 17:31:49 -0800

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh:
>after all, india is pretty much the _only_ example of a post-colonial 
>continuous (less a couple of years) democracy, british or otherwise.

ahem! Ireland did it first BTW ;) Indian independence was in 1947, Irish
in 1921.  It was a democracy -- not quite secular, but it was the 1920's
after all ;)

http://www.indiademocracy.com/resources/stalwarts/nehru.jsp notes that
Nehru 'took keen interest in the Sinn Fein Movement in Ireland' BTW.  I
also have heard that the Irish constitution was a very influential
document in those days, being essentially the first of its kind for a
20th century post-colonial republic (iirc).