[SPORK] Was Colonialism good or bad for the world? (was: Q: Was British rule bad or good for India? and before that: The rhetoric of liberation...)

Dan Brickley daniel.brickley@bristol.ac.uk
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:35:12 -0500

* Russell Turpin <deafbox@hotmail.com> [2003-03-22 14:56+0000]
> Rishab Aiyer Ghosh:
> >i'm not sure [Ireland] counts either.
> Why is that? What distinction are you drawing?
> Are you excluding something as a colony once
> the native population adopts English as their
> lingua franca, and fields an international
> cricket team?

Something of a tangent, but I've just stumbled on this old piece from the 
UK's Guardian newspaper, 
 Ireland as the pivot of a league of nations
 Michael Collins
 Wednesday December 7, 1921

(by old I mean old; the Guardian have just put a lot of old bits online :)

Ireland has never been a British colony. She has been a 
separate nation kept subject by a more powerful neighbour 
for that neighbour's own advantage, but she has never 
ceased to fight for her freedom, and now, after centuries 
of political struggle and armed conflict, she has won independence. 


Not sure I follow their distinction, but the hopeful speculation about
the League of Nations is interesting to read. 

Without real and permanent co-operation between Britain 
and American world-peace is an idle dream. With such co-operation 
war would become impossible.