"[Bush's] inarticulateness has become .. a national securitythreat for the US"

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 09:41:32 -0800

Joseph S Barrera III wrote:
> Russell Turpin wrote [quoted]:
> > "In my interpretation, the basic thing that the
> > United States wants to do -- overthrow Saddam
> > and get rid of his weapons -- is sharply in the
> > interest of almost everybody all over the world.
> > And although the U.S. is proposing to act in the
> > interest of the world, Bush has managed to
> > terrify the entire world and to turn the world
> > against him and us and to make our situation
> > infinitely more dangerous than it otherwise
> > would have been. It's a display of diplomatic
> > and political incompetence on a colossal scale.
> > We're going to pay for this."
> I think this is absolutely right on.
> I'm suprised this isn't a more commonly heard view.
> - Joe

Xconq, Diplomacy, Supremacy, Risk.   Games
of my childhood.  

There's only been one serious diplomatic error. That
was when US diplomats told Iraq that they are not concerned
with internal border disputes which lead to the invasion
of Kuwait.  It was what made Saddam think that the US would
turn a blind eye.   The US was not going to be once bitten.
They well understood how Saddam used diplomacy to prepare his
troops for an invasion into Iran--telling Iran what they
wanted to hear to stall for prepartions for a war that would
last 8 years and kill 97% of all males for a whole generation
in Iran and Iraq.  People don't change.  Almost assuredly,
between the Iran diplomacy failure and the US diplomacy
failure, our intelligence suggested that we took diplomacy
as far as it would go this round.  Saddam's views on diplomacy are
well documented and public. 

I can't agree with the conclusion that the world is more
dangerous that it would have been.   I think that's a premature
conclusion and there's plenty of time to figure that out.  
It may seem that way for now amid all the fear, uncertainty,
and doubt surrounding all this armchair quaterbacking.  

Inifinite is a really big number, Russell, if you keep
calling them like that, you're going to run out of numbers.