FW: S & A in progress i.e., people burning alive right now, people being crushed to death right now

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Sat, 22 Mar 2003 11:36:33 -0800

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> i'm all for taking saddam out, 

Then stop whining about Bush doing the right thing.

> but call it what it is:  we screwed up in
> '91, now we take care of it.  

Ok, WHY did we screw up in '91?

All the reasons for stopping in '91 are reasons you applaud, and reasons
other people don't think we should do anything this time.

Finishing SH in '91 would have been against the UN and opposed by the
Russians.  It wouldn't be giving inspections a chance.  Yada Yada Yada.

Complaining about '91 is exceptionally inconsistent to those opposing

In '91 I hated us stopping.  The _only_ reason I thought it might have
been a good idea had to do with its effect on Russia.  Had we advanced
in '91 there could have been a coup, and a successful one, in Moscow.
That was a decent reason for stopping.

> and we'll profit from it 

The US as a whole will not, though some individuals probably will.  That
is neither here nor there, though I often wonder why people who bring
this up don't note the mercenary interests of the French, Russians, and

> ... so we don't need to make it look like a sacrifice done in the
> interest of others.  

And here I was just castigated for noting that our interest is a
relevant point of consideration.

> ... rights and responsibilities accordant and appurtenant
> to the super power of the world.

Only we can.  We will when we feel we must.

As long as we restrict it to places where we do more good than harm the
world will be a better place.