don't imminentize the dentifrice

Dave Long
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 12:17:37 -0800

> > Right now, FoRK has the feel of early 1990's Sarajevo: snipers in the 
> > buildings, and mortars in the surrounding hills. Let's get back to 
> > being cosmopolitan and glorious.
> Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, I'm afraid, and it applies
> to the whole internet.

I beg to differ.  The internet remains
interoperable with two simple rules:

  - be liberal in what you accept
  - be strict in what you send

FoRKs may remain interoperable simply
by borrowing parallel rules from Fido:

  - do not be excessively annoyed
  - do not be excessively annoying

Don't imminentize the dentifrice. [0]
Be Civil.  Communicative.  Cosmopolitan.
(and optionally, Polite and Urbane) [1]


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[0] "However it may deserve respect for its usefulness and antiquity,
predicting the ultimate squeezing of the toothpaste tube has not been
found agreeable to experience"

It seems people in the world are behaving
poorly.  I'll point out that they've done
so in the past, and (as a cishumanist) I
believe they'll do so in the future.  Is
that any excuse for us, at least on this
list, to also not behave well?

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[1] Hanson suffered, in academia, from not
being able to order the unpleasant off his
land.  Perhaps he would have been a little
more comfortable with virtues a little less
urban, such as Cultivation and Courtesy.

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cf "good & superior goods"

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> Civillity is one thing, facade fakery is another. Glorious cosmopolitanism
> is usualy a empty eletist shell that seeks to cover banality with a
> fashionable elegance.

Consider Sturgeon's law.

Just because 90% of civility is facade
fakery (and just because "out of the
crooked timber of humanity no straight
thing can ever be made") doesn't mean 
we shouldn't aim for the real deal 10%.

TCP may seem to impose an awful lot of
overhead, but it can recover even if a
reliable link sometimes turns out not
to be; it enables us to build relatively
reliable nets over unreliable links.

Civility may seem to impose an awful lot
of overhead (when the windows are running
wide open) and it may be slow to restart
(after a series of dropped packets), but
it can do so; over the last 10 000 years
it has enabled us to build relatively
uncrooked things out of crooked timber.

Being Excellent To Each Other is not a
bad way to Party On.