"[Bush's] inarticulateness has become .. a national security threat for the US"

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 18:53:12 -0600

Then, James, all I can say is:  PAY ATTENTION.  Many of us are 
expressing this same point of view.


On Saturday, Mar 22, 2003, at 12:46 US/Central, James Rogers wrote:

> On 3/22/03 7:43 AM, "Russell Turpin" <deafbox@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> "In my interpretation, the basic thing that the
>> United States wants to do -- overthrow Saddam
>> and get rid of his weapons -- is sharply in the
>> interest of almost everybody all over the world.
>> And although the U.S. is proposing to act in the
>> interest of the world, Bush has managed to
>> terrify the entire world and to turn the world
>> against him and us and to make our situation
>> infinitely more dangerous than it otherwise
>> would have been. It's a display of diplomatic
>> and political incompetence on a colossal scale.
>> We're going to pay for this."
> That is just about the best summary of the situation that I've heard 
> yet.  I
> could subscribe to this view, but I don't see it being appropriately
> expressed in too many places.
> Cheers,
> -James Rogers
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