FW: S & A in progress i.e., people burning alive right now, people being crushed to death right now

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 18:58:45 -0600

On Saturday, Mar 22, 2003, at 13:24 US/Central, johnhall wrote:

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>> On Saturday, Mar 22, 2003, at 13:02 US/Central, geege wrote:
>>> the view from john's moral high horse.
>> Fucking hypocritical.
> No, amazingly consistent.

Consistently hypocritical.

> But your sudden veneration of the UN is
> hypocritical.  Or did you also opposed Kosovo?

Have I mentioned the U.N.?  It's not the only body in which one can win 
international credibility.  In fact, you can win international 
credibility de facto and either post- or a- priori.  If we do so, post 
facto, I will stand corrected.

Unlike you, moron, I am not morally and philosophically unmovable.  My 
positions are based on *PRIORS*, which are bound to change.

I can be wrong.  You, on the other hand, I fear can never admit that.