[SPORK] Something I REALLY want John Hall to Try To Understand

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 19:11:34 -0600

On Saturday, Mar 22, 2003, at 14:17 US/Central, johnhall wrote:

> But Jeff, you just screamed bloody murder when I made the same 
> argument.
> The US doesn't have an _obligation_ to end atrocities.
> But we are morally entitled to do so.

I disagree - in part.  We may have some moral obligation to any or all 
people in the world, depending on you POV and moral philosophy.  But 
any moral philosophy you care to employ is stupid / bankrupt unless you 
care for your own continuance in the first place.

Our difference is merely in (a) whether our moral obligation to the 
Iraqis before ourselves, and (b) whether we can "pick and choose" 
between the kinds of moral obligation we have to the Iraqis, if any, 
and the moral obligation we have to any other people in the world, if 

You are a bigot, a hypocrite, and a moron, John Hall.  I've tried hard 
to build a bridge to you, but you are finished.  You do not deserve the 
privilege of being part of such a smart, innovative, and considerate 
group as this.  I recognize that I can only make that judgement for 
myself, but I have made it for myself.  You are finished.