"[Bush's] inarticulateness has become .. a national securitythreat for theUS"

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 09:52:37 -0800

Russell Turpin wrote:

> On what actually justifies the war, according to
> the author, the US failed totally to explain it
> or make it part of our policy or motivate our
> allies on the basis of it. 

I think this is the reason so many have
criticized the diplomatic efforts resulting in
long term allies landing on different sides of
the issue.  

> The author is not talking vis-a-vis not fighting
> Iraq, but vis-a-vis fighting with more allies for
> a more clear cause that has broader implications.

I just was poking fun at the people that
were saying that this one little diplomatic
mis-step was going to lead to a century
of US hatred.  There's still 5 other generations
this century that the majority of them
won't even remember we had a war by 2100. There's
still about 96-1/2 years left to draw a conclusion.