[SPORK] Gordon, please help us out, here...

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:35:58 -0600


Rather than taking potshots from the sidelines at the various 
"arguments" presented here (which are all of admittedly dubious quality 
and merit, mine included - John Hall particularly makes me froth at the 
mouth, which I regret) perhaps you could enlighten us.  Take a stand, 
you know.

What exactly is your position on the current situation?  Particularly:

(1) What do you think the actuals "goals" of this conflict are?
(2) Do you believe that the war is "just," i.e. its goals noble?
(3)  Do you believe that coercive application of military force is 
necessary to those goals?  Appropriate?
(4)  Do you believe that the war is "justified," i.e. an adequate case 
has been made for it?
(5)  Do you believe that the current American foreign / military policy 
is in the best interests of Americans?
(6)  Does this war make us safer?  More prosperous?
(7)  Do you believe that the benefits of achieving these goals outweigh 
the costs?
(8)  What do you think the long-term diplomatic / economic / security 
consequences will be?
(9)  How should we - American individuals - react in order to enable 
the best outcome, at this point?

A few of the central issues, please feel free to elaborate beyond those.