SPORK: About 'peace' people being supporters of SH.

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> j> Historically, it is amazingly effective.  There are reasons to
> j> it will be more effective than usual here.
> Amazingly effective? At winning peace, nonsense. 

See "Pax Romana"

> ... we have much more of a motive to do there than in
> Afghanistan) but do you seriously believe we'll promote stability in
> region? 

Peace and stability aren't quite the same thing.  Destabilizing Syria
and Iran is a good thing.  Doing the same to SA might be good as well.

> It may not be an ANTI war argument, but it sure is an argument against
> intervening in the first place. 

If you are talking about the year 1959, that issue is moot.

> ... we knew his love of his secret police and crushing
> any dissent WAY before gulf war I. What about promoting democracy

You are old enough to remember the Cold War, yes?

> Why were we enabling this guy then? We knew what he was doing, we sold
> him chemical & bio weapons:
> http://www.thememoryhole.org/corp/iraq-suppliers.htm

That isn't what this list is saying.  Consider:
Tektronix (R, A)

That amounts to saying Textronix sold a graphical terminal to Iraq,

Here is another:
14. American Type Culture Collection (B)

I believe that is there due to culture samples which were routinely sold
for research anywhere in the world at the time.

That really is a stretch.  It is also quite impossible to stop such dual
purpose technological transfer _especially_ in the context of the Cold

Any effort to do so would rightly be criticized on humanitarian grounds.
You aren't going to let 3rd world countries make fertilizer, pesticides,
or vaccine?

> Whereas we have made it clear that we could care less what happens to
> Iraqis as long as we can profit from their land, 

Yep, that is why the lights are still on in Bahdhad.  If we didn't care
we would just remove the population.  We have the ability, we just don't
want too.

> We've never liberated anyone, 

They speak French in France rather than German or Russian, correct?
"You are welcome."

> we put him in power,