[SPORK] What's the point in piling on Bush?

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 15:38:51 -0600

So Gordon's made the point at least a couple of times now that "piling 
on Bush" for the diplomatic disaster that lead to this is "pissy."  
Gordon's a pretty bright guy, so I've been mulling that over for a day 
or so now.  It's certainly not my desire to be pissy nor my intent for 
anything I say or do to be counterproductive.  (Even slamming Hall had 
a productive intent --- showing him how non-rational discussion looks 
from the other side --- however poorly conceived. ;-)

Here's where I'm at on this.  All IMHO, of course.

(1)  The problem that the hawks and pro-Bush camp refuse or fail to 
recognize and acknowledge is that this administration has demonstrated 
totally unprecedented recklessness and wanton disregard for the 
stability of the international order in how they've pursued things.

(2)  America does not stand alone in this world, regardless of our 
military superiority.  The world is a complex web of economic and 
social interdependencies, and the stability of this web of 
relationships is essential to the current and ongoing security and 
prosperity of Americans as well as all people on this mud ball.  In 
this case, *perhaps* maintaining the status quo, even when it includes 
atrocities such as what's going in Iraq --- is for the greater common 
good, if the alternative is global destabilization.  Another 
possibility would've been creating a new consensus, one where more of 
the world was more behind us --- but we failed to do that.

(3)  Despite the possible futility, it's in the interests of everyone 
who believes the above to point out the above and keep pointing it out 
in the hopes that it will be understood, internalized, and remembered.  
We have and will have many opportunities to reverse the potentially 
disastrous course we've set upon, by making it clear to our government 
that we do not approve of this kind of recklessness and do not believe 
it is in our own best interests.  We should strive diligently to keep 
making the point that this kind of recklessness is dangerous, in order 
to maximize the likelihood that either (a) the current political 
leadership (not just the administration, they're probably a lost cause, 
but the Congress and functionaries as well) will eventually understand 
this and work to repair the damage done, and / or (b) the current 
political leadership will be replaced whenever possible by new 
leadership that exhibits more concern for the interests, safety, and 
prosperity of the people of this country and the world.

(4)  The arguments that the administration attempted to use to convince 
the "international community" to get behind the present course of 
action --- failed to do so.  They failed to do so for various reasons, 
and we should understand those reasons in order that (a) we can avoid 
such diplomatic mistakes in the future, and (b) we can understand what 
these things say about our leadership in order to judge such 
leadership's fitness.  The administration's case was built on flimsy 
evidence at BEST, bad / inconsistent rhetoric, lies and forgeries, and 
so on.  We should keep making that point strenuously and indefinitely, 
as it underscores the current administration's complete lack of 
credibility, rationality, trustworthiness, and fitness to lead this 


So that's why I think it's important that we keep pointing out the 
failures of this administration in getting us to this point.  I don't 
think it's "pissy" or even partisan / ideological criticism of Bush per 
se.   It's rather, IMHO, one of the few courses of action available to 
the rank and file to change things for the better.

Other suggestions for constructive means of recovery from and 
prevention of such future disaster greatly appreciated.