Oil Price Effects ...

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it's G-E-E-G-E, you fucking hawk-on-a-stick.  don't even pretend to know my
mind on this war. i'm beethoven to your waylon - much too baroque for you.

addressing your assertions: this administration has promised russia that
they'd be able to keep their iraqi oil leases apres war.  this
administration (ostensibly, anyway) is going to use iraqi oil to "pay for
the war,"  the best way i know to spend lots of money (and make lots of
money, if you're in with the in crowd) with very loose accountancy.  in your
world, i suppose that's a net good all around, right?

(watch and see which administration-chummy companies get the contracts. i'm
starting my chart now.)

with deep coffee enemas,

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Just to be sure everyone is on the same page when they want to castigate
me for mentioning oil prices:

Increased Oil Production / Lifting of sanctions on Iraq (even if we just
do it unilaterally) will almost by definition lower oil prices.

People of Iraq (lots more production, lower average price, money
received going to Iraqi people not Saddam).
Oil Consumers (most of the world)

Oil Producers (including many of those nasty Texas Oilmen)

Much less important, but perhaps critical to GeGe, the way this was done
will have the following effects on oil service companies:

French, Russians.

Anyone else in the oil service industry, including Cheney's old company

Therefore, the interests of the US and the Iraqi people are aligned on
this issue as well.  The interests of the US and Mexico are not.