Oil Price Effects ...

JS Kelly jskelly@jskelly.com
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 17:58:45 -0800 (PST)

johnhall wrote:

> Just to be sure everyone is on the same page when they want to castigate
> me for mentioning oil prices:
> Increased Oil Production / Lifting of sanctions on Iraq (even if we just
> do it unilaterally) will almost by definition lower oil prices.

to where they were before we started beating the war drum?
or lower than that? 

> Winners:
> People of Iraq (lots more production, lower average price, money
> received going to Iraqi people not Saddam).
> Oil Consumers (most of the world)

again, you admit that the war's all about oil.
> Losers:
> Oil Producers (including many of those nasty Texas Oilmen)

i know. it's such a shame. i hate it when those oil prices go so low, and
the poor oil companies actually lose money pumping the stuff.