Beethoven (was: DETOUR: Re: Oil Price Effects ..)

Russell Turpin
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 12:47:52 +0000

Geege, it's not just that Beethoven is too late
to be Baroque, but that he, perhaps more than
any other composer, characterizes what musicians
mean by "classical." Vivaldi is baroque,
Beethoven classical, van Gogh impressionist,
Dali surreal. It's not just WHEN they worked,
but WHAT they did. I can't explain it well, but
I can hear the difference between Vivaldi and
Beethoven. Most likely, it was from living with
two classical musicians many years ago. Suzuki
isn't just a brand of motorcycle. It's also the
style of violin children play early on Sunday
mornings when you're housemate is a poor
musician. Baroque is much, much better. St.
Petersburg has a Dali museum well worth the
visit, if you're ever on the western shore.

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