Precision guided weapons

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:56:35 -0800

It's been widely reported that Russia
is supplying night vision and GPS baffling
technology as well as actively providing
personnel to fix and maintain the equipment. 
Not that this is the case, but what would
your opinion be if that was the cause?  I'm
curious who you think would be responsible. 


Owen Byrne wrote:
> Just to put some reality into the constant dishonesty on
> precision-guided weapons and avoiding civilian attacks - the attack on
> attack has now managed to land missiles in Iran and, now, almost got
> Syria. I expect a US missile to hit Tel Aviv soon...
> Owen
> Report: Five Syrians Killed, 10 Injured in U.S. Missile Strike Near
> Iraqi Border
> *Monday, March 24, 2003*
> DAMASCUS, Syria - The Syrian news agency said on Monday a U.S. missile
> hit a Syrian passenger bus near the Iraqi border, killing five and
> injuring 10.
> The official news agency reported the missile hit the bus Sunday morning
> on the Iraqi side of the border. The bus was carrying Syrians fleeing
> the war in Iraq, the agency said.
> A spokeswoman for the U.S. Central Command said U.S. forces do not
> target civilians, and that their targeting is done very carefully, using
> precision-guided missiles, to select military targets.
> The Syrian agency said the wounded were taken to a Syrian hospital on
> the Syrian-Iraqi border.
> Syria, which strongly opposes the U.S.-led war on Iraq, has repeatedly
> called for a peaceful solution of the Iraq-U.S. dispute over Baghdad's
> weapons arsenal.
> Owen