"[Bush's] inarticulateness has become .. a national securitythreat for theUS"

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer@endeavors.com
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 08:22:20 -0800

Jeff Bone wrote:

> Fine.  Point.  Clarification:  I did not mean to exaggerate.
> Put it this way:  never before in history has any war been opposed by
> so many people in so many places *even before it started.*
> I think that's a reasonable basis for calling it the "most unpopular
> war in history."
> jb

I'm definitely not trying to split hairs, but
my gut tells me that Vietnam touched far more
many lives.   I think the only thing that is
different is that we have a much more global media
and it's far more interactive than ever before. 
This means that 
"think global" has really 
caught up.   

Do you remember the point John Lennon was making
when he was talking about the media or do you remember
them burning Beatles records?   The point was, when
John claimed that the Beatles were more popular than
Jesus, he meant that they sold more albums than there
existing people who actually met him and more people
had heard of the Beatles through the press than had
actually been alive at the time He lived.   


War isn't a popularity contest.