Faith and TV dinners (was: DETOUR)

Russell Turpin
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 16:06:23 +0000

Joseph S Barrera III:
>.. we study selections from the Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadi 
>library, 1 Enoch, etc., as well as when and which order the various gospels 
>were probably written, whether the Q theory is correct, who wrote 
>Revelations and why it was almost not included in the bible, etc etc.

I know there are religious studies as you
describe, but they are the exception,

>I am SO sick of hearing that RELIGIOUS = STUPID. Or that religious faith is 
>impossible for intelligent, questioning, reasoning people. And I am SO sick 
>of hearing from Atheists who claim to know the unknowable, namely that 
>there IS no god, without even realizing that THAT is
>an article of faith, as unprovable as the

Most atheists don't claim that they can
prove there are no gods. If our entire
universe is an execution of certain laws of
physics performed by the Q, there would be
no way for us to have any hint of that until,
as on Star Trek, the Q interject themselves
into our experience. But neither is there
now any reason to believe that. And until
there IS reason and evidence for it, then
yes, belief in a god IS irrational, whether
Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, the Q, Allah, Odin,
etc. Theists choose to believe in one or
more from that very long list. Atheists
simply don't.

If you believe in some god, and you want to
claim to do so rationally, then you need to
stop reliance on faith, and assert evidence
and reason that your view is correct and
every other religious view is mistaken, in
exactly the same fashion that belief in an
approximately spherical earth is correct and
belief in a flat earth is mistaken. If you
cannot do that, then yes, your belief IS

Personally, I'm tired of religious believers
who think the rest of the world should give
their belief more intellectual respect than
we do belief in astrology, vampires, and
extraterrestrial abductions, just because
it has more history, more books, more money,
more institutions, more influence, more
followers, etc. None of that makes it
rational. It all comes down to one simple
question: Where's the proof? And in
answering that question, you lose the first
time you use the word "faith."

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