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At 12:47 PM +0000 on 3/24/03, Russell Turpin wrote:

> Beethoven classical, 

Actually, Beethoven started out classical, and, some would say, singlehandedly founded the Romantic movement.

Example composers, as I remember being taught in my 1976 high-school music composition classes, and with not inconsiderably fuzziness, and included border cases: 

(received opinion)
Baroque: Vivaldi/Bach
Classical: Handel/Haydn/Mozart/Beethoven
Romantic: Later Beethoven (5th and later)  
           Wagner/all three Straus(es)/
Impressionist: Ravel/Satie/Debussy/Stravinsky
Modern: Later Stravinsky/Ives/Schoenberg

(my own guess, since 1976 :-))
Post-Modern: Stackhausen/Glass
Minimalist: later Glass/most new music that sounds listenable :-), 
             Laurie Anderson(?)

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