Faith and TV dinners (was: DETOUR)

Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:48:04 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Joseph S Barrera III wrote:

--]I am SO sick of hearing that RELIGIOUS = STUPID.

WEll, I have seen religion hard core over my life on three fronts and I
can tell you  that there is a very very definable STUPID factor in all of
them, though one faction tends to use it more than the other two.

Its IGNORANCE, the purposefull dumbing down of the "word" because the
complexities are just too much for comprehension. This is why many
christian churches have gutted the bible over the years. Its also why many
christains can parrot words but not study , and by study I do not mean one
bible thumper pacing around yelling and droning words while the flcok sit
back and nod at the right times. I got physicaly upset when I have to sit
through this sort of afront on relgious study.

At its best I have been part of religious study with two groups. One were
some jewish folks studying the torah. Now thats what I call study. they
dig into the words, they debate the meanings, over the years thier rabbis
write some great commentary often arguing over the centuries. With torah
study there is almost an implied sense of duty to not just parrot, though
some due and shame on them, but to really get at the meaning of the words
by activly using them.

The other was a group of freinds who were into buddahsim. The study was
subtle and the emphisis was on practice. Not just mouthing words and going
back home from church and swilling a few beers before yelling at the
family, I mean real down in it practice.

Yes, every religion has it parrot squaking head bobers, but having lived
in catholic, protestant, jewish, lutheran and buddahists houses I can tell
you that the ignorance factor comes up more heavily and more blatantly
with the christain folks.

I AM NOT saying all chirstans are ignoratn to this level, this is just a
personal accounting of what i have seen in my life.

--]Or that religious faith is impossible for
--]intelligent, questioning, reasoning people.

Impossible, or is it just inconcieveable for folks who dont have faith?
Its like Flatland all over. Many folks cant have faith in what they cant

--]And I am SO sick of hearing from Atheists who
--]claim to know the unknowable, namely that there
--]IS no god, without even realizing that THAT is
--]an article of faith, as unprovable as the
--]EXISTENCE of God.

As they most feel the toher way round.