Precision guided weapons

Owen Byrne
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 13:10:14 -0400

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

>Owen Byrne wrote:
>>"Widely reported?" As I understand it the white house is the source -
>>and therefore I don't put much credit into it.
>>It is a timely excuse.
>The question was, if the Iraqis have
>GPS baffling technology that caused the 
>missiles to go astray, who would be to blame. 
>I'm trying to get insight into your views which
>are much more interesting and interactive than
>anything coming out of the whitehouse.
Clearly the US. Its so obvious that I feel I don't quite grasp what 
you're asking. 
Well I do, but I'm going to play dumb.

Its a unilateral war - I think that what goes with it - is that the 
unilateralist is to
blame for everything that ensues. Even if Russia did supply Iraq with 
clearly defensive
weaponry, they can just say they had control over their use and after 
the decision to ignore
the UN, they said OK. So sorry, next time you should listen more to our