Skinny Puppy lyrics

Andy Armstrong
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 17:25:51 +0000

Tom wrote:
> Big Black.. a must..not all gizmos and gears but Albini at his best.
> If you can find it find a compliation called Gods Favorite Dogs, there is
> a killdozer track that still makes my neck hairs stand up.

Searching for both those now, thanks.

> Electronica, yes. Industrial....very very musch pushing things. CV more
> than HL but its like calling Donny and Marie heavy Metl because they were
> in an Osbourne Pepsi commercial.


> Industrial...  Ministries Twitch... Revcos Lets Get Phyisical...Big Black
> Jordan....
> Human Leagues dont you Want Me Baby??????

That's post Heaven 17 split though...

> Actualy Sisters oF Mercy cuts teh line thin.....
> discuss.


Andy Armstrong, Tagish