Faith and TV dinners (was: DETOUR)

Russell Turpin
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 17:59:22 +0000

Joseph S Barrera III:
>But "the other way around" admits the validity
>of faith and so lacks the self-contradiction
>that I was trying to point out.

You're appealing to a symmetry that doesn't exist,
except for a small number of people whose atheism
falls out of some ideology such as Marxism. I
don't pretend to prove there are no gods, just as
I don't pretend to disprove fairies or vampires
or the Q. Lacking faith, I don't believe in any
of them.

For me, the key point is precisely that faith,
in the epistemological sense, IS irrational. We
all recognize this, except for the faithful, who
try to paint over its irrationality, and even then,
only in the areas where they wish to apply it.

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