Precision guided weapons

James Rogers
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 10:04:35 -0800

> Just mentioned  on CNN - add Turkey to the list of countries hit by=20
> cruise missiles.

On the very first night, a cruise missile also splashed down in the =
It looks like the failure rate for those things is around 0.1%.  Without
knowing the operational parameters and details of the failures, it is =
to say whether or not this is an acceptable failure rate, but it doesn't
look too bad for a complex weapon system in a battlefield environment.  =
failure mode for some of these may be odd because these systems are =
of making real-time autonomous flight path modifications as part of =
threat avoidance capability.

I would point out that GPS jammers have a limited effect on most =
guided weapons.  Most US GPS guided weapons also use inertial guidance
systems for this very reason.  Unfortunately, without GPS the bombs =
sufficiently inaccurate to make them unsuitable for minimizing civilian
casualties in a city even with the inertial guidance.  With GPS the =
of error is negligible, but without it you might very well hit the =
street in
front of the building instead of the building itself.

-James Rogers