Skinny Puppy lyrics

Andy Armstrong
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 18:10:52 +0000

Tom wrote:
> Predead JD was edgey and had a nice bit to it, but there is a level of
> whineboy that keeps it off my industrial list.  They are to industrial as
> the Sandanista era Clash was to punk..yes a sort of but a differnt sort
> of. They paved the way for the more Goth Indsutrial which Bauhuas runs
> with and even Fields of the Neiphilhim take up much latter on

I'm drawing a mental graph now...

> Of course follow that anology this makes New Order akin to BAD..only BAD
> did not suck so bad at live shows.
> BAD of course were the prototypical rave/electronic/sample/rock band.

For some petty churlish reason I'm desperate to find you wrong but I 
suspect you might be onto something there.

> And while JS did not die until recently, his post clash albums did sort of
> go DOA. I love you Joe, but there it be.

I'm OK with some of the later JS stuff but only if I turn off all punk 
sensibilities before listening. Still, "he didn't sell out as bad as 
some" isn't the most glowing epitaph.

Andy Armstrong, Tagish