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"The Coalition of the Willing."

"The Axis of Evil."

It's interesting to see the Pentagon referring to Iraqi defense 
measures as "illegal" and to see them whining that some of those they 
fight are not dressed in official uniforms.

Note also the yapping about the Geneva Convention and how Iraq must not 
place POWs under any form of duress. In true doublethink way, this does 
apply to POWs the Americans hold in cages, withhold water and food from 
them, forced to stand and kneel, denied sleep, and so on.

Here's one of several accounts:


"Al-Qaida prisoners have typically been shackled or duct-taped to 
stretchers for transport. Hoods, blindfolds or blacked-out ski goggles 
keep them from discerning their location. Heads and beards are shaved. 
Prisoners are isolated upon arriving at detention centers.

"John Walker Lindh, the "American Taliban" captured in Afghanistan, was 
blindfolded, stripped naked, bound to a stretcher and held inside a 
metal shipping container with limited food and medical attention, his 
lawyer said. He was later transferred to the USS Peleliu and confined 
to the brig without being told his family had hired counsel, the lawyer 

"Some attorneys and human rights officials complain that prisoners may 
be forced to stand or kneel for hours. Bright lights are never 
extinguished. Loud music blares. Sleep is denied, sometimes for days, 
to begin breaking a prisoner's resistance.

"The so-called "stress-and-duress" techniques represent the milder 
forms of torture that may be used in interrogation.