[CORK] A word to the wise... was re: Skinny Puppy etc.

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:16:02 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]I^H A friend of mine (ahem) to this day gets unhinged every time he
--](ahem) hears "Sluggin' For Jesus."

For me...er I mean a friend, it was Paul's Boutquie. "Johnny royal" will
never again be a simple song about a guzzler. Great album though but there
are some damn freaky cuts and beats hidden in it you dont really hear
unless your off in the eather in a hot studio apt in NYC in the dog days
of summer.

Second freaky incidenet, a mix tape with Revco,Ministry (not the halloween
crap but twitch era), and Devo.

--]'Nuf said.