[WashPost] Excellent piece on arranged marriage for Indian-Americans

Dave Long dl@silcom.com
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 13:26:24 -0800

> > They date, go to U2 concerts, hit bars with pals. But for the sake
> > of tradition and family, even some highly Americanized Indian
> > immigrants agree to wed strangers
> Of course, I'm firmly ambivalent about the outcome in the piece, but 
> it's a very well-written profile.

Strangers, but well-screened strangers.

My guess is that the common ratio between
lifetime income and super-lifetime income
(family money) in a given culture predicts
marriage patterns.

In America, we expect people to make their
own fortunes, and part of that independence
involves arranging (and also, as an extreme,
dissolving) their own marriages -- but on
the other hand, we still have debs.


Harper Lee:
> She looked at me over her sewing glasses. "Jean Louise, there is no
> doubt in my mind that they're good folks.  But they're not our kind
> of folks." ... Perhaps this was why she had come to live with us --
> to help us choose our friends.