[CORK] Now you too can stay awake indefinitely with terminal sweetness.

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Mon, 24 Mar 2003 17:48:47 -0500

About a year ago, I used to frequent a coffeeshop that changed its name every
other month or so.  (For the California natives, its Cafe Ruba -- or
as my friend Devlin used to call it, Rubahoparockenjopper or some
other variation)  They had a wonderful drink there that sure seemed to
help during those late night study sessions.  Something they called a
Red Bull Mate Latte.  Its fantasitc.  ITs fruity.  Its wonderful, and
its crack.  Pure crack.

Unfortunately, I managed to leave california without gathering the
recipe, and so I've spent a few weeks off and on, trying to figure out
the exact combination.   I think I figured it out, and so, for those
who shun sleep, I bring you the Red Bull Mate Latte Recipe (since I
have yet to see it on the web)

Red Bull Mate Latte:

1 Can of Redbull
Yerba Mate (enough to fill a small tea ball)
1/2 Cup of milk
Some kind of frothing machine, cappuccino maker, etc.

Pour redbull into a kettle.  Heat on high, and drop a small teaball of
yerba Mate inside the kettle.  Let boil.

Steam 1/2 cup of milk (via cappuccino maker (which is what I used),
or other form of steamer).  Don't get this too frothy.  You're looking
for steamed milk, not foam.

Remove Yerba Mate ball (You can do this at any time, and your taste
may vary.  I like it strong and caffienated).  Pour Red Bull into cup.
 Pour steamed milk on top. Separate the chaff at the top.  Enjoy.

I am caffeinated now.


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