paranoia will destroy ya

Mon, 24 Mar 2003 20:16:09 -0800

let's confound them.



"...[L]et me talk about a country that is forever young. There was a time
when empires were defined by land mass, subjugated peoples, and military
might. But the United States is unique because we are an empire of ideals.
For two hundred years we have been set apart by our faith in the ideals of
democracy, of free men and free markets, and of the extraordinary
possibilities that lie within seemingly ordinary men and women. We believe
that no power of government is as formidable a force for good as the
creativity and entrepreneurial drive of the American people. Those are the
ideals that invented revolutionary technologies and a culture envied by
people everywhere. This powerful sense of energy has made America synonymous
with opportunity the world over. And after generations of struggle, America
is the moral force that defeated Communism and all those who would put the
human soul itself into bondage. ...May all of you as Americans never forget
your heroic origins, never fail to seek divine guidance, and never lose your
natural, God-given optimism. And finally, my fellow Americans, may every
dawn be a great new beginning for America and every evening bring us closer
to that shining city upon a hill." --Ronald Reagan (1992)

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> aside from the time bolcer e-mailed me every spooky trigger word as a
> i've never felt so sure my e-mails were being surveiled.

I've been doing some of it lately, just to raise the noise level. Let them
chase down the needle in the haystack.