[CORK] Islam and Sci-Fi

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:25:58 -0600

On Monday, Mar 24, 2003, at 18:09 US/Central, Justin Mason wrote:

> Isn't there some mix-and-matching involved, though?

Um, did say "mishmash of Bedoin and other Middle Eastern cultures..." ? 

>  ie.  I seem to recall
> hearing that the language is based on Hebrew rather than Arabic (or 
> maybe
> that's just the phrase "kwisatz haderach", dunno).

Totally.  In fact, my lunch w/ the illustrious Mr. Herbert was launched 
with my naive (at the time, I was in high school in West Texas and had 
never heard a word of Yiddish IIRC) question:

"How the f*ck do you pronounce 'kwiasatz haderach'?" ;-)


PS - for the record, he said "kvee-ah-sahtz hah-dur-ahk."  :-)  Then 
proceeded to give me a fascinating lesson in Middle Eastern history 
over bad food at a Chelsea Street Pub, probably one of the best-spent 
hours of my life.